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(Water & Steam Experts)

since 1995

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  • Sales

    akikieng at cyberia dot net dot lb
  • Joe AKIKI, PhD

    General Manager
    joe at akikieng dot com
  • Shadi AKIKI, MSc

    Technology Officer
    shadi at akikieng dot com

Engineering & Sales Office

1st fl., La Madonna Bldg,
Saide Str., Ashrafieh,
Beirut, Lebanon.
PO Box: 16-69 79
Tel: +961 1 339 322
Fax: +961 1 330 491
Web: http://www.akikieng.com

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Notice that the Ashrafieh engineering office also has its own workshop. Check out the photos by clicking here

Workshop and Spare Parts Inventory: Fanar. 600m2

600m2 of parts and hi inventory equipment ready for delivery

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Here is a snapshot showing how close the workshop is to the engineering and sales office. (less than 10 minute drive)

Address: POBox: Tel: Fax: E-Mail: Website:
Skype name:
La Madonna Bldg., Saide St., Achrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon
AEE on google maps
16-6979 Beirut, Lebanon + 961 1 339 322 + 961 1 330 491 akikieng at cyberia dot net dot lb www.akikieng.com akikieng

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