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Sample Sites

Waste treatment plant 600 m3/day, Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Nov 10, 2010)

Apr 2, 2010
Kabul - Afghanistan
On going sites under construction.
Designed and supplied by Akiki Engineering
Erection by NGI for Contracting

Takrit Hospital (Jul 13, 2009)

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Zurn's long experience and wide range of products includes top American quality Cast Iron and Commercial Brass plumbing products. We can provide you ex-stock with Zurn products including roof/floor drains, interceptors, carrier systems, hydrants, cleanouts, floor sinks, water hammer arrestors, traps, primers and backwater valves for new or retrofit installation. We also supply Grease Interceptors (manual and automatic) with biological treatment, Oil interceptors (small and large), and Lint Interceptors (for sand, mud, and hair)
Elkay provides our water coolers, for use in schools, universities, sports centers, hospitals, or airports. The stainless steel design and long life expectancy for the high quality production both make a perfect choice for such places. We can supply you with all the water coolers you need ex-stock.
Wilkins, yet another grand Zurn company, is our supplier of water control products, such as backflow preventers and pressure regulators. Also find Wilkins products available ex-stock in our warehouses.
Alamo provides us with water softeners as well as residential/commercial control valves that are tailored as several different products, each of which has lots of options, and even more different configurations. Heavy duty powerheads provide timers to control regeneration cycle in water softening. We are the experts to provide you with the best solution to your problem.

Commercial Brass and Fixtures
Toilets, bathroom sinks or faucets, bathtubs, kitchen sinks. The most beautiful designs and the most reliable quality are both supplied to us by Zurn's "Commercial Fixtures". They are designed for rigid performance criteria and comply with all applicable codes and standards. We also have all this available for you ex-stock.
Aquafine is a world leader in UV water treatment technology. Whether for your house, building, hospital, or sewage treatment plant, we can provide you with Aquafine's technology for the job, also ex-stock.
GA Industries is our provider of pump control valves, check valves, and automatic water control valves These are heavy duty products that are very carefully crafted by GA's engineers. We use it all in our systems.
Amtrol provides us with Hydronic Technologies (e.g. thermal expansion tanks), Water System Solutions (e.g. reverse osmosis storage tanks), and Engineered Products (e.g. air separators, commercial water heaters). Next time you hear about the brand EXTROL, you know you can find it at our place.
Flothru, a Zurn company, is leader in manufacturing Trench Drain Products. Their set of drain channels is rich enough to match customer needs all around the globe.
American Specialties Inc. manufactures the widest range of washroom accessories in the industry. If you believe quality and design go hand in hand, we have ASI products to provide you just that right in our warehouses (ex-stock).


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